A Day in the Life of...
A day in the life of. . . a young professional. Ambitious. Fun-loving. Focused. I trip, I fall, I make mistakes, I do stupid things, but i get back up. My family and friends make each day interesting.
A Day in the Life of...
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"I teach ‘em that his skin black like oil, that’s for royalty"
J. Cole - I Get Up (via aow)
Uggh Kerry. Why so perf?

Atong Arjok For Lucky Magazine September 2013

Harry Uzoka + Photographer Nik Hartley for Varon Collection
"If Black people knew their glorious history they’d be more inclined to respect themselves"

Marcus Garvey (via afrikan-mapambano)

 Imagine if  Martin Luther King Jr.’s death stirred more than marches. If Malcom X’s assassination opened more than a dialogue. Imagine a world that was full of black people with high self esteem and high goals. Imagine that they were connected with their African heritage and refuse to accept less than they deserved. Black people that refused to accept that affirmative action and higher education grants are enough. Black people that respect themselves and their ancestors too much to allow  the government to deny that oppression does not exist today . Black people who will speak out against schools that white wash their history and teach their children that discrimination does not exist. Black people that raised critical thinkers who will push past injustice and achieve their dreams. Black people that love themselves no matter what their shade. Black people who will continue to fight for civil rights out of respect for their glorious history

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You can’t sit with us.